This message was originally sent by email to our mailing list on 11/23/16

Happy Thanksgiving
from S.O.S. and the
Crown Heights Community Mediation Center!

Dear Supporters and Friends,

I want to reaffirm that our work has never been only to stop shootings and killings.

Stopping shootings and killings is a beginning place. Our goal is to eliminate shootings and killings, make the Save Our Streets program unnecessary in its current form, and ultimately create neighborhoods that go beyond surviving to truly thriving. While we are touched when young people tell us they want to be Violence Interrupters when they grow up, we want them to imagine a future without gun violence. It is our duty and responsibility to our participants to hold onto this vision no matter what. We will not shrink our dreams or expectations.

Every day and every month, we work to achieve what was once impossible. Young people who have been failed by every system and kicked out of program after program find a home with S.O.S. Conflicts that were impeding people’s ability to get to work, to school, and home peacefully are resolved with the help of staff across our programs.

Every day and every month, we work to maintain hope, honor our vision, and expand our services. We strive to make sure that the voices, experiences, and ideas of people who have been failed by systems are amplified and acted upon. We know that our neighborhoods are more than what they are often painted to be; they are, in fact, filled with powerful leaders, with even more in the making.

We are able to do this work every day and every month thanks to our tremendous team, showcased in the “News” section below, and because of YOU. Your contributions as volunteers, cheerleaders, donors, and advocates has led to our expansion and our success. This Thanksgiving season, I want to express our sincere gratitude for your support and acknowledge that now, more than ever, we need your help to continue forward.

This year we are asking you to make the most generous contribution you can. Please join us in making a monthly commitment to forging safer and healthier communities in Central Brooklyn and beyond. We want to double our monthly donors and hope you will be one of them!

  • To give online, click here and select us from the drop-down menu. You’ll see an option to become a monthly or quarterly donor as well.
  • To give by mail, checks can be made out to the “Fund for the City of New York” and in the memo line, “Crown Heights Community Mediation Center.”

Thank you once again and we wish you a peaceful and nourishing Thanksgiving!

In Peace,
Amy Ellenbogen and the Staff of the Crown Heights Community Mediation Center

Our Programs In the News

S.O.S. is featured on Medium
This week, S.O.S. was featured in an article titled, “My neighbors are being shot and I didn’t know…” Click here to read and please reshare!

BBC videos profile YO S.O.S.
Recently, a group of our Youth Organizers were highlighted in BBC News’s “First News Live” program. Watch their videos here and follow YO S.O.S. on Facebook for more updates.

Make It Happen Toolkit and JJIE article
Make It Happen staff published an article titled, “We Will Support Black, Brown Men Now More Than Ever” speaking to their continued commitment to work with and on behalf of marginalized young people. Additionally, we recently published a digital toolkit titled “Responding to Trauma Among Young Men of Color” to provide a blueprint for service providers and communities at large. Please spread the word!