Her Life has reached its five-week mid-point and is seeking a photographer!

The Her Life program aims to empower young women of color to understand that their voices matter and know that they can be a positive influence in their communities. Each week, they have the opportunity to meet with professional women of color in a wide variety of careers, who speak of their professions, paths to success, and obstacles they have faced along the way and how they have overcome them. Staff facilitates weekly discussions on societal issues that greatly affect participants, such as community violence, internalized sexism, systematic oppression, and leadership development.

Several of our participants would like to pursue a career in acting, but every actor needs a headshot! In hopes to inspire them, we are asking for a photographer to take headshots of our participants who want to break into the acting field. We hope that by giving them this opportunity, they are encouraged to follow the career paths of their choice.

Please call 718.773.6886 or email info@crownheights.org if you are interested or for more information.