Each yATEV 2016 Flyerear the Mediation Center organizes an “Arts to End Violence” festival which is comprised of a series of inspiring and educational events. This year’s festival will include a talent show, an interactive theater performance, a youth-led multimedia presentation, a block party, and an anti-violence art gallery show. Artists, merchants, schools, clergy, youth, and neighbors are all collaborating and organizing to make gun violence unacceptable in our city, instead of a regular and “normal” event.

You can get involved in the following ways:

  • Submit your art or your students’/children’s art into our contest (submissions of all ages are welcome)

Submissions of 2-D artwork including prints, photography, paintings, drawing and collages will be considered for the gallery. Submissions can include art made specifically for this contest or previous works that connect to the theme. All submissions should be accompanied by an artist statement. For more info, contact Marlies at talaym@crownheights.org.

  • Invite our staff to facilitate a workshop/presentation at your school or community organization

Workshops aim to engage youth in a conversation about the violence they see in their communities and the connection between arts and activism, and give students a chance to see and discuss art from previous years’ gallery shows. In longer workshops or two session workshops, youth also have time to begin making creative pieces of their own. Workshop content can be modified for younger age groups to focus more on bullying and overall community well-being. To inquire about scheduling a workshop in Brooklyn or Manhattan, contact Marlies at talaym@crownheights.org.

  • Attend the Arts to End Violence events this spring!talent show small image

Events Timeline:
– March 19: Stop Shooting Start Living Talent Showcase
– April 15: Submission Deadline for Gallery
– April 20: Youth Media Campaign Kickoff
– April 29: Theatre of the Oppressed Youth Performance
– May 14: Kingston Avenue Festival (Crown Heights Block Party)
– May 19: Arts to End Violence Gallery Show – Opening Night