IMG_8280On Thursday, February 12, Mediation Center Director Amy Ellenbogen and social work intern Ashley McLain were present at the Borough President’s Office to facilitate a dialogue between four Brooklyn high schools on community and police relations.

Twenty-two students from Brooklyn Technical High School, Magen David Yeshiva, Eagle Academy, and El Puente Academy for Peace and Justice participated in the dialogue with the Borough President in collaboration with the New York Peace Institute and shared their experiences and opinions related to police in their neighborhoods.

IMG_8266Participants made suggestions about how to improve community police relations including increasing the number of programs that allow police and young people to meet and interact, finding ways for police to build positive relationships in the community, providing support for police to heal from the violence and aggression that they witness, and creating the conditions that lead to healthier neighborhoods so that police are not needed. The Mediation Center is grateful for the participation and support of staff and students from the four high schools. Together they co-created a meaningful day of learning and dialogue!