Outraged by the senseless death of Zurana Horton on November 1st, more than 250 people from Brownsville and neighboring communities departed from Pitkin Ave. and Watkins Ave. headed for Wall Street in Manhattan. The silent march across the Brooklyn Bridge aimed to bring greater attention to the problems of gun violence in the streets of inner-city neighborhoods. 
Residents of Brownsville, Bedford-Stuyvesant, Crown Heights and any other inner-city neighborhood know that gun violence is a problem and they know what needs to be done to stop it: what they need are the resources. 
The march was an extraordinary example of grassroots logistical organizing. Marchers were transported from the staging point at Pitkin Ave. and Watkins Ave.  in cars and vans and in the vehicles of the truck and SUV clubs, Trucked Out, X Ryders and The Counsel to a parking and staging area on Cadman Plaza West that was arranged by NYPD. There, marchers walked behind two caskets, representing the deaths caused by gun violence, across the Brooklyn Bridge.
A march of the bottom 10% of “The 99 Percent”, participants continued past Zuccotti Park to emphasize the economic injustice of collecting revenue from the neighborhoods’ consumers and taxpayers and not allocating funds to those neighborhoods for education and for social and economic development.
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