On October 26, the Mediation Center held a Tabling Training for new and long-time volunteers. Around 20 volunteers attended the training to gain skills for engaging community members about S.O.S.’s mission. S.O.S. Crown Heights’ Program Manager David Gaskin presented information and led tabling role plays. At this training volunteers learned how to:20151026_194738

  • make sure the right public education materials are given to the audience they were intended for
  • assign roles at the table to ensure each person is kept engaged
  • handle difficult questions about the work S.O.S. does
  • engage community members at the table while remaining humble and self-aware
  • support their tabling team members!

If you are interested in volunteering with S.O.S. and attending future volunteer trainings please contact our volunteer coordinator Jett Bachman at bachmanj @ crownheights . org or 718-773-6886.


David Gaskin presents to the volunteers in attendance.


Volunteers role play at the table to practice their new skills/knowledge.