On Wednesday evening, September 6th, over 30 community members from S.O.S. Brooklyn, the Crown Heights Community Mediation Center, S.O.S. Clergy Action Network, YO S.O.S., Legal Hand, the Mayor’s Office to Prevent Gun Violence, the Cure Violence family and residents of the neighborhood gathered on the corner of Sterling Place and Schenectady Avenue to denounce gun violence. We are grateful to everyone who came out and stood with us in the rain. The peaceful communal gathering was in response to the incident on Sunday, September 3, where at approximately 11:15 pm, a 44-year-old man was shot at 1373 Sterling Place in Crown Heights.

Before Sunday’s shooting, the S.O.S. Crown Heights catchment area went over seven months without a single shooting. While this shooting broke our streak of 218 days (our longest streak ever), we would like to note that this is only the second shooting in our catchment area this year. As well, it has been 374 days since the last fatal shooting in our catchment area, and we almost made it through the whole gun violence awareness season (Memorial Day-Labor Day) without a single shooting. Finally, we would like to note that it has been 609 days since there was a shooting in or around Albany Houses.

We hold shooting responses after shootings within our catchment area, to express our concerns and make a statement that shootings and killings are not acceptable in our community. The tone of the shooting response shifted over time, with community residents at the beginning expressing that they felt the man who was shot deserved it, because of the alleged activities in which he was involved. As folks from S.O.S. Brooklyn and clergy members spoke about the impact of shootings on our community, more and more community members joined us as they had a minor change of heart. We would like to thank everyone who came out last night and stood with us against gun violence in our community. #stopshootingstartliving

Shooting Response 9.6 Photo