Migel Haynes, also known as “Migos” has been with Neighbors in Action since 2015. Migos first started as a participant in Youth Organizing to Save Our Streets (YO S.O.S.) where his exceptional character and communication skills got him hired the next year as a youth facilitator for the very same program. Migos has been called the “Face of S.O.S.” and is well known for his hard work and artistic talents of singing, photography, poetry, acting, and more. He tries to incorporate a creative element into everything he does. Now a freshman at York College majoring in business and minoring in music, he plans to expand his knowledge on the things he loves and use his skills to make community change. Migos is innovative, accountable, and stalwart. He knows that whatever career he chooses, he will keep his positive attitude and charisma, and will find a way to continue to inspire those he crosses paths with and remain a role model for many.