On January 31st, Youth Organizing to Save Our Streets hosted a Youth Exchange with guests from the Osborne Association’s Youth Action Council. The Youth Exchange provided the opportunity for participants to teach back the core content they learned in YO S.O.S. thus far to other young people and strengthen their public speaking, group facilitation, and leadership skills. The event also enabled participants to interact with youth from other programs and to learn from one another.

To plan for the presentation, youth first voted on the YO S.O.S. workshop activities and curricula that they were most excited to recreate and teach back to another group of youth. They then spent four workshops practicing public speaking and facilitation, learning their material, and giving feedback to one another as they rehearsed their presentation. On the day of the event, Youth Organizers led a three part interactive presentation on understanding violence, trauma, and PTSD, as well self-care, recovery and resilience. Each Youth Organizer had a role, either as a facilitator or a scribe. The visiting Youth Action Council facilitated a youth-led workshop for YO S.O.S on the effects of parental incarceration on youth and families and pathways for change.

The event was attended by nearly 50 people including the members of YO S.O.S. and the Osborne Society as well as the S.O.S. Crown Heights team and members of JCP and the S.O.S. Clergy Action Network.