Guest Post by Deidra Dunkley, YO S.O.S. Intern

On Saturday, July 25, 2015 I attended an amazing youth leadership conference that was hosted by Global Potential (Empowering Youth. Inspiring change.) There were almost 50 young people in attendance including a large group of teens from Haiti. The cultural exchange was new for me but it turned out to be fun. I got the opportunity to learn more about their way of living and I told them a lot about where I’m from also. After we finished our ice breakers, we got to the serious part of the conference. Some of the main discussion topics were Community Development, Peer Empowerment, Problem Solving, Dialogue, and Collaboration. When it came to the topic of community, all the youths had a lot to say and contribute. We all shared our thoughts on how we can change or mend certain problems within our respective communities and left feeling inspired!GlobalPotential