The Brooklyn Neighborhood Reports has released its 2012 reports.

Over 600 pages in total, each of the 19 new reports- one for each of the borough’s 18 Community Districts, and one for all of Brooklyn- include over 90 indicators that explore 9 different theme areas. Theme areas include: Demographics, Youth & Education, Economy, Housing, Environment, Health, Public Safety, Arts & Culture, and Civic Engagement. The data are presented in clear and concise visuals and text. Accompanying Data Tables provide even greater detail.

Please see the report for Community District 8 and Community District 9

The Brooklyn Neighborhood Reports were launched by the Center for the Study of Brooklyn at Brooklyn College and the Brooklyn Community Foundation with the goal of providing access to timely, accurate and neighborhood-level data for Brooklyn-based community groups and institutions, local government and businesses, and researchers and media in the borough. These Brooklyn groups deserve to be well equipped with such data in order to make the most informed public policy, programming and funding decisions possible.