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Campaign to End Violence: Curing Violence
YO S.O.S. presenting Curing Violence at the Youth Justice Board, also a program of the Center for Court Innovation. 
Violence and the threat of violence, particularly, gun violence, is a prevalent ant pervasive problem amongst teens in urban neighborhoods.  The perception that access to illegal guns for teens is easier than ever; so much so, that one Brooklyn teen said, “Guns are like sneakers—anybody can get them.”   Violence is of particular concern for African American and Latino teens. Homicide is the leading cause for death African Americans, and the second leading cause of death for Latino teens according to 2010 Centers For Disease Control & Prevention statistics.. 

Our FIRST presentation at the Crown Heights Community Mediation Center.

Understanding that violence is a learned behavior that passed on much like a communicable disease, we also understand that like a disease, violence can be cured when appropriate steps are taken.  These steps that range from identification to understanding its transmission to intervening or interrupting this transmission that equals a termination of the disease. Moreover, since young people are those most likely to be the victim and be victimized by violence, particularly gun violence; they should also be empowered to be messengers of the cure.
The Campaign to End Violence: Curing Violence curriculum trains teenagers to be credible messengers as teens to put the youth voice to forefront as solution-oriented persons for the plague of urban gun violence.
Overall Goals
At the conclusion of the curriculum, we hope that the youth organizers will achieve the following goals:
·         Have a greater understanding of the statistics related to gun violence locally and nationally
·         Be introduced to the CeaseFire Chicago model of violence interruption
·         Understand how violence acts like a disease and be able to draw correlations to diseases such as, HIV, the Plague, and  the flu
·         Have an understanding of terms like:
transmission, epidemic, and social pressure, and group norms
·         Be able to explain how violence is influenced by mindsets that can be eventually influenced for  positive
·         Feel capable, motivated, and be prepared to give public presentations of the Curing Violence curriculum
Violence is like a disease, what are you doing to stop it from spreading?

 Calendar of  YO S.O.S. Campaign to End Violence: Curing Violence Presentations

Do you want Youth Organizing to Save Our Streets to present their “Campaign to End Violence: Curing Violence” to your organization or school? Please contact us at yosos@crownheights.org to set up a presentation.
Tuesday, February 21st 2012 —     Crown Heights Community Mediation Center 
Thursday, February 23rd 2012 —   Youth Justice Board, Center for Court Innovation 
Monday, April 2nd 2012 —            YouthAction 

Together we CAN make change!