On Tuesday, December 4th at 6:30pm, a group of 34 people including Crown Heights residents, local clergy members and S.O.S. and CHCMC staff, participated in a community rally at the corner of Troy Avenue and Dean Street. The rally was in response to a December 1st shooting incident that took place at a party in Weeksville Houses. The rally was also attended by the father of the shooting victim and at least two other parents who have lost their sons to street gun violence. These rallies are intended to mark each shooting incident as an outrage and an insult to the community and to make it clear that there is a stong and growing body of neighborhood residents who refuse to tolerate it. 

The video above is a clip of the words that Reverend Jones, our S.O.S. Clergy liason, shared with the community. We thank everyone who came to stand with us.