My name is Elliot and I am a 17-year old intern from International High School of Prospect Heights. For the past few weeks, I have been spending my Monday, Wednesday, and Friday afternoons working with YO S.O.S. at the Crown Heights Mediation Center. I have learned a lot about the program so far and am really happy to being working with them.
I think violence is a serious issue. YO S.O.S. is a program that brings young people together to help stop the shootings in the community. And along the way, the program helps students develop leadership skills that will guide their path to the professional world. As an intern, I am learning a lot of leadership skills that i will use for the benefit of my own in the future.
                I am from Sunset Park, Brooklyn – another neighborhood where a lot of violence happens. I believe that violence is not the best way to solve conflicts. I think more programs like YO S.O.S. should expand through the city. People in the community are willing to help to make a difference, but they need support.  YO S.O.S. creates an opportunity for people to spread the message of anti-violence and make an impact in their community. Together, we can make a change.