December 4th was a tragic day for Bed-Stuy, as two lives were lost to gun violence.

21 year-old Jahlil Grant and 35 year-old Tariq Walker, two black men, were fatally shot in separate incidents outside of the catchment. To mourn the loss and to take a stand against shootings, S.O.S. Bed-Stuy gathered Neighbors in Action staff, members from other Cure Violence sites—including B.I.V.O., Man Up, Inc., Life Camp, and G.M.A.C.C.—Moms Demand Action, clergy, and community members at two different shooting responses. The responses were held two days following the incidents, on December 6th, one after the other.
First, everyone gathered at 153 Marcus Garvey Boulevard, where Jahlil Grant was killed and a second 22 year-old had been non-fatally shot. After holding posters, handing out palmcards, and sharing a message of non-violence with the community on the bullhorn, there was a peace march to the site of the second shooting: Sumner Houses, at 957 Myrtle Avenue. Here, too, the message of “Stop Shooting, Start Living” was shared with the community. About 80 people stood with S.O.S. at the first shooting response, and about 60 at the second. S.O.S. Bed-Stuy is grateful to everyone who came out and showed their support. #stopshootingstartliving