Neighbors in Action (formerly known as the Crown Heights Community Mediation Center) is a unique neighborhood institution in Brooklyn, New York, with the goal of building safer and healthier communities.

Neighbors in Action seeks to demonstrate how places once torn apart by violence and disinvestment can become peaceful, vibrant communities through the collaborative efforts of local residents, nonprofit organizations, businesses, elected officials, and faith-based leaders. We work to create communities where violence is neither needed nor wanted, neighbors have increased autonomy and decision-making capabilities, and the people who want to lead have the skills to do so.

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Read the Neighbors in Action concept paper which outlines our origins, philosophy, and programming.

History and Background

Neighbors in Action grows out of the Crown Heights Community Mediation Center. Launched in 1998 out of a storefront in the heart of Crown Heights, the original goal of the Mediation Center was to improve intergroup relations, address interpersonal disputes, and build the capacity of residents to solve their own problems. In 2010, at the urging of a local mother who had lost her son to gun violence, the Mediation Center applied for funding and launched S.O.S. Crown Heights (the first Cure Violence replication site in NYC).

Two decades later, the project now includes multiple sites in central Brooklyn and a variety of youth development, violence prevention, and community-building programs. The Mediation Center has sought to demonstrate how neighborhoods once torn apart by violence can become peaceful, vibrant communities through the collaborative efforts of residents, nonprofit organizations, local businesses, local elected officials, and faith-based leaders. Neighbors in Action is the next step in this evolution.

Neighbors in Action is a project of the Center for Court Innovation—a public-private partnership between the Fund for the City of New York and the New York State Unified Court System.