Happy April Crown Heights Family!

March culminated the ending of Women’s History Month where young women of the Mediation Center and the larger community led a day-long women’s event with the help of Youth and Community Clinician, Gerina Davis and Youth Programs Specialist, Soraya Palmer. The event entitled, All Love. All Women. Youth Day, was held at Repair The World from 12-5 on Friday March, 30th.

High School youth from various programs led a series of interactive workshops that were important to them in healing and thinking about themselves as young women in the world.  

Two YO S.O.S alumni, Kia Varnes and Karencia Mitchell facilitated a discussion and video-talk back on internalized racism and sexism and how to overcome these obstacles by supporting one another and practicing self-love.

Pictured here are YO S.O.S members, Kia, Karencia, and Layla Bell as the scribe.

Current YO S.O.S member, Destiny Singleton led a makeup tutorial using another YO S.O.S member, Layla Bell, as her model. The focus of the tutorial was on how to achieve a “full face” (fully made-up) in thirty minutes or less. Basic makeup materials and hand-held mirrors were provided.

Pictured here is Destiny doing her makeup tutorial on Layla while other youth practice on each other.

Two teen participants from Teens P.A.C.T (Positive Actions and Choices for Teens), a program dedicated to teaching young people about safer sex, facilitated an interactive workshop on consent. Pictured below:

There were also fun-filled activity tables for head wrapping, art making, and games.

A beautiful mother-daughter moment.                 

Social Work Intern, Ariana Kippins is pictured with YO S.O.S mentees, Janae and Destiny after giving them all some lovely headwrap-dos!

Youth used art around the room to inspire them to make their own visual statements.

Here the young women are getting to know each other through games and intellectual conversation.

The event was attended by close to thirty New York City youth from three Mediation Center youth programs (YO S.O.S, JCP, and AGVYEP) as well as youth from Teens Pact and local high schools.

Social Work intern, Ariana and Youth and Community Clinician, Gerina Davis, are pictured here with Justice Community Plus participants, Olivia, Eva, Sheena, Nya, and Enyah.

A day of self-care, joy, and reflection.