My experiecnes at YOSOS have helped me to grow mentally and they have opened my eyes to things that i previously knew little about. From lobbying in Washington D.C to simple neighborhood peace marches, YOSOS has taken myself and other youth organizers on a journey we will never forget. This program has made me feel that i can be something bigger than myself. I feel that my creativity, writing and simple social skills can have a bigger impact on the people around me. Though i have moved away from my YOSOS family, i fully intend on continuing everything they have taught me and spreading the word to many more people around me and possibly around the world. As well as teaching us serious organizing skills, YOSOS has also helped me to bulid a close group of friends who support me and each other in all their youth organinzing ideas. If i could do it all again, there’s nothing i would change, it’s all worth it  and the all the hard work pays for itself.