On Thursday, October 5th, Save Our Streets Clergy Action Network held a shooting response in response to the recent shooting of a 22-year-old black male in the 77th Precinct. The shooting was non-fatal. From September 15th to October 2nd, there have been five shooting incidents with six injuries (one of which was a homicide) within the 71st and 77th precincts. We hold shooting responses to provide a space for our community to come together after a shooting, share our concerns about gun violence, and make it clear that shootings and killings are not welcome in our neighborhoods.

The peaceful response was held on the corner of Sterling Place and Franklin Avenue. 68 community members from S.O.S. Brooklyn, the Crown Heights Community Mediation Center, S.O.S. Clergy Action Network, Legal Hand, Safe Horizon, the Department of Education, and residents of the neighborhood gathered to stand against gun violence in our community. During the response, members of local clergy and S.O.S. Brooklyn spoke up to say NO to gun violence in our community. S.O.S. Bed-Stuy program manager Tiffany Murray encouraged local residents to care about their community, saying “So if you think that walking past us [the shooting response] is something that’s optional for you, if you think that standing out here with us and saying gun violence is unacceptable in your community is something you don’t need to care about, if you think that you can’t become a gun violence victim just because of how you look and you don’t hang with ‘those people’, trust and believe you will become an accidental victim like a whole bunch of other people who didn’t think they could become a victim…show up and be a neighbor. Be the community that you want it to be, by believing that the person next door to you’s life is just as important as yours.” S.O.S. C.A.N. leader Rev Jones ended the rally by having folks within the crown reach out to their neighbors to hold hands and sing “Reach Out and Touch Somebody’s Hand” together.

We would like to note that, while unacceptable, this shooting did not occur inside of the S.O.S. Crown Heights catchment area. This means that it has now been thirty-six days since there was a shooting in the S.O.S. Crown Heights catchment area. As well, it has been 407 days since the last fatal shooting in our catchment area, and it has been 642 days since there was a shooting in or around Albany Houses. While the recent shooting was devastating, we would like to take the time to recognize the hard work of S.O.S. staff and community members in preventing shootings and keeping people safe within the S.O.S. Crown Heights catchment area.

We would like to thank everyone who came out and stood with us against gun violence in our community. If you are interested in becoming more involved with S.O.S. Brooklyn’s work and becoming a volunteer, please email info@crownheights.org. #stopshootingstartliving