The Shannon T. Braithwaite Foundation, which provides resources and support for young people ages 13-19, will hold a fundraising talent show on Saturday, June 9, from 6-9 p.m. at 790 E. New York Ave.

After losing her 16-year-old daughter, Shannon, to teenage violence in 2008, Marva Braithwaite became involved in community violence prevention work in schools and community institutions like the Brooklyn Children’s Museum. Soon, she realized the pressing need for clean and safe environments for children and teenagers and was inspired to start the Foundation in January 2012.

Today, the Foundation provides tutoring, mentoring, athletic and dance opportunities, educational trips, and PSAT/SAT preparation for more than 40 teens, all of whom applied for the program and are required to turn in regular report cards. Ms. Braithwaite seeks to offer well-rounded assistance to the young people the Foundation serves. By meeting their mental, emotional, and physical needs, she hopes to help them overcome the anger many of them name as their “biggest issue” so they can identify who they are, find purpose in life, and prepare for their futures.

The talent show will feature teenagers from the Foundation’s program, as well as other local teens who support its mission.