AVODAH: The Jewish Service Corps, is an Americorps-like program for Jewish college graduates, who live communally for a year, volunteering in service organizations across the city and the country. This is the Mediation Center’s second year partnering with AVODAH.

Last Friday, November 14th, our current AVODAH fellow and another staff member met with all of the New York AVODAH fellows to conduct a training in conflict resolution.

One of the participants had this to say:

“I loved learning about conflict styles. I feel that often in a conflict, I feel the other party doesn’t care or isn’t taking it seriously, but that exercise helps me plan to consider simply different approaches . . . The training definitely exceeded my expectations. I felt it was very real and very application-oriented, rather than theory-oriented. And that’s great because the theory of conflict resolution doesn’t get you very far. Eleanor and Mollie worked very well as a team. And I thought it was so great that the training made us feel great about ourselves as a community, while also opening our eyes to way we can improve.”