The Crown Heights Community Mediation Center is looking for local artists who can create a public art installation that will encourage health and physical activity and celebrate the neighborhood. This work of art will be located in Brower Park and will be kept in the park for a period of one year. We are looking for pieces that will draw people to visit the park and engage with the art. This is an opportunity for a lucky artist to create a piece that becomes a part of Brower Park’s history.

We are requesting proposals that include a budget up to $8,000 dollars.

Project Description

The Arts in the Parks initiative is a collaboration between the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, NYC Parks Department, The Fund for Public Health NYC, CDC, and the Crown Heights Community Mediation Center to bring a public art installation to Brower Park here in Crown Heights. The aim of this initiative is to create a piece of art that will reflect the community, inspire physical health and wellness, and strengthen neighborly connections.

About the Mediation Center

The Crown Heights Community Mediation Center is a unique neighborhood institution that works to improve community problem-solving, collaboration, and inter-group relations in Brooklyn, New York. The Mediation Center staff and volunteers work to strengthen the neighborhoods of Crown Heights and Bedford-Stuyvesant. We work to be an example to the city and the rest of the world of how neighborhoods torn apart by violence can become safe, healthy, and vibrant places for all people through the collaborative efforts of neighbors, government, and community organizations. At our offices we offer resources, referrals, and youth programs, and in the community we run youth development and anti-violence programs.

Application Procedure

Proposals must be submitted as a single PDF and include:

  • Resume with current contact information

  • One-page statement describing proposed artwork and the artist’s work in general

  • Proposed art project

    • Detailed description of no more than two written pages

    • Representative renderings or images of proposed artwork

    • List of materials, dimensions, and weight

    • Installation methods

    • Maintenance recommendations

    • Proposed budget

  • Names and contact information of two references who are familiar with the artist

  • Ten images of previous work; each image should be labeled and succinctly described

All materials must be received by July 14, 2017. Proposals should be emailed to


Submission guidelines: Art must be safe, able to withstand outdoor conditions, and easily maintained.


Award Details

The chosen recipient will be granted an award of $8,000. Grant recipients will be responsible for the installation and removal of the artwork, and cover fabrication, labor, supervision, insurance, and maintenance of the artwork throughout the exhibition. At the end of the grant term, the artist is responsible for returning the park to its original condition. The Crown Heights Community Mediation Center will assist the awarded artists with logistics such as permitting and site specifications. The artists will be responsible for engineering documents.

The Grantees will be encouraged to procure in-kind donations or additional funding if exhibition costs exceed the grant amount. Artists should strongly consider supplemental programming to activate the artwork and park throughout the exhibition. The Mediation Center will collaborate with the grantee to create opportunities with community and cultural organizations to activate the art

Deadline to submit your proposal is July 14th