YO S.O.S is a year-long leadership training program for high school youth interested in reducing violence and cultivating stronger neighborhoods in Brooklyn and beyond. Each spring, the youth complete a series of job-readiness workshops with the goal of securing summer employments.

Do you know of a business or community organization that would be able to host 1-2 YO S.O.S. graduates this summer?

Throughout the course of the school year, Youth Organizers are trained in issues of violence prevention, conflict de-escalation, stress management, self-care, and community organizing. They build skills as public speakers, event planners, and workshop facilitators, leading a series of presentations, campaigns, and community events to raise awareness about alternatives to violence and community empowerment.

The program requires high levels of accountability from the youth, and those who make it to the end demonstrate the previously mentioned skills as well as a strong work ethic, excellent communication skills, and an ability to fulfill commitments with reliability and responsibility. Additionally, once youth are placed at employment sites, YO S.O.S. staff are on call all summer for check-ins with students and employers to ensure a mutually beneficial partnership.

If you know of an agency interested in hiring skilled and dedicated young people this summer, contact Heather Day at dayh@crownheights.org or call 646-789-1201.

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