The Mediation Center’s parent organization, the Center for Court Innovation, just released a paper about Save Our Streets Crown Heights and its implementation as a replica of the Chicago CeaseFire project.  The paper uses S.O.S. as a case study to draw lessons in program replication and finds that several key areas need strong attention to detail in order to pull off a successful replication. S.O.S. encountered some challenges associated with replication in general, such as understanding the original model and adapting it to local needs, and some issues that arise in the CeaseFire model specifically, such as recruiting staff and demonstrating success. The paper also finds that S.O.S. was able to build off the Mediation Center’s long history, positive reputation, and strong relationships in Crown Heights to create a successful program, and that administrative support from the Center for Court Innovation and technical assistance from Chicago CeaseFire has been critical to working out problems as they arise. Thanks to the Center for Court Innovation and the amazing TA team at Chicago CeaseFire for all your support! 

Read the paper here.