On Thursday, May 21st 2015, Save Our Streets conducted a barbershop talk session named “Choppin’ It Up”! Choppin’ It Up provides real conversations with real people who care inside of store front barbershops and beauty salons.

Classic Cuts located at 1135 St. Johns place between Hampton Place and Albany Avenue, shared their store front barbershop with S.O.S staff members and participants for this special event. Classic Cuts’ barbers engaged in a conversation about titled, “Teenage Fights, Public Places” with the S.O.S staff, participants and local customers. This was a healthy conversation generated around the recent current events taking place inside our urban communities.

One of the highlights from the Thursday event was hearing each person discuss the pros and the cons of teenagers fighting in public places. One barber chose fighting as a lesser evil stating, “I rather teenagers fight than to see them kill each other.” Fawaaz, an S.O.S participant stated, “There is always that one person who can not handle losing a fight – who will then search for other avenues of violence. Guns for an example.”

Each person spoke about their experiences with conflict in a public space, the ‘rules’ or ‘code’ about fighting and how public fights affect that rule or code.There was also a dialogue between older and younger members of the community about the state of this generation and what causes these issues.

– Contributed by David Gaskin, S.O.S. Crown Heights Outreach Worker Supervisor

S.O.S will continue hosting Choppin It Up sessions to keep the community engaged in the issues that matter. Visit our office at 256 Kingston Ave or call 718-773-6886 for more info.