Last night, Thursday, December 12th, 15 Crown Heights neighbors braved the freezing weather to gather at Launch Charter School on 1580 Dean Street for a third session of S.O.S. Community Conversations.
Participants looked at a variety of issues related to violence

 Participants looked at a number of sub-issues that affect and are affected by gun violence, which had been identified during previous conversations. They then selected violence-related issues to work on in small issue groups. The two groups decided to focus on housing and youth development and support. 
The housing group meets to discuss their issue

After choosing a facilitator and recorder, the issue groups worked together to choose an approach they would take to address their issue. Everyone returned to the conversation circle for a report back on what happened in the groups. Each group came away with ideas to address their issue and exchanged contact information to take next steps.

The youth development group reports back to the circle about their plans
At the close of the conversation, everyone was encouraged to send their reactions, opinions, criticisms, advice and suggestions about Community Conversations to us by email  at Stay tuned for information about our next Community Conversation in the new year, and how to become involved in organizing for change.