Last night, S.O.S. held its second Community Conversation at the Launch Charter School in Crown Heights. Approximately 30 community members met in the school’s cafeteria to begin discussing strategies to work against violence in our neighborhoods.Graphic Facilitator Kate Krontiris provided us with wonderful visual representations of the ideas produced by the group.

We began by answering a question: if you woke up tomorrow and there was no more gun violence in Crown Heights, how would you know? Some of the ideas that community members contributed including seeing fewer police officers on the street, more neighbors smiling and talking to one another, and more people jogging at night and spending time in parks.

We then addressed how we would get our community to look more like this vision. The group came up with some ideas for action that could be put into place immediately. For example, to address issues with violence in schools, some ideas were to mentor and tutor local students and to talk to young people in the neighborhood with respect.

Some of the attendees at our second Community Conversation

We will meet in the same location at 6:30 pm on Thursday,  December 12 to work in groups to create concrete action plans to begin to create the community we want to see.