Last week the New York cohort of Coro Fellows in Public Affairs gave an evening presentation of their findings about Crown Heights, after studying the community intensively during the previous week. In pursuit of what they referred to as the “logic of change” in Crown Heights, they spent the week immersed in researching the community and the institutions, individuals, and leaders that influence how change occurs here.

Their presentation took place at the Mediation Center and was attended by Coro alumni, community members, and Mediation Center staff. Based on their research, the Fellows developed a model of change that they posited must occur for change to happen, the steps of which include recognition of an issue, a willingness to change on the part of the players involved, and the appropriate resources and programs to faciliate the potential change itself. In group discussions about the details of their model and the various resources in the community, attendees had a chance to discuss Crown Heights in the context of a public affairs reading of the community, with a group of people who had experienced the neighborhood in a unique way–not by living or working in it, but by studying it intensively for a short period of time.

The Mediation Center was happy to host the Coro Fellows during their week of study in Crown Heights, and their insights proved thought-provoking for all who attended their presentation.