On Wednesday afternoon, just prior to receiving Proclamations from the New York City Council, Amy Ellenbogen, Project Director of the Crown Heights Community Mediation Center, shared this message with the community:

“Today, I saw our program managers save a man’s life. They were incredible.

On the way to receive a proclamation from City Council for the daily work they do stopping gun violence and saving lives, David Gaskin and Tiffany Murray rescued a man who had a seizure and fell onto the train tracks. The train was less than two minutes away, and the light already visible within the tunnel. David jumped into action and was down on the tracks instantaneously lifting the man out and shouting for others to help. I ran upstairs shouting for the MTA worker to stop the oncoming train. By the time I returned downstairs, Tiffany was on the tracks and Juan was trying to communicate with the man helping him with his uncooperative body and preventing him from unintentionally harming himself further. The train’s light was extremely close as a few of us hoisted Tiffany out from the tracks. After everyone was off the tracks, the three of them still acted as first responders, having him lay on his side, convincing him to drink water, cooling him off with a water, explaining to him that he had fallen on the tracks and helping him with his belongings. MTA was not successful in stopping the train. It pulled into the station as it always does, thankfully only delayed for a few minutes. When the next train came and the paramedics arrived, we got on and headed to City Hall.

There is no doubt in my mind that this gentleman would not be alive if it wasn’t for these three people acting quickly and heroically.  It was precisely a nightmare scenario with the odds against this man’s favor.  If it wasn’t for the extreme humanity of David and Tiffany acting as they always do, selflessly, courageously, heroically, compassionately, confidently and as a team this man would not be alive, and there would be a tragic news story this evening. Thanks to their actions, instead David, Tiffany and Juan showed up at the ceremony with dirt on their clothes as the only evidence of their heroism.
When the proclamation was given to all of the Crisis Management System sites, CM Williams took a moment to specifically shout out S.O.S Brooklyn in particular for rescuing someone’s life moments before.
In the midst of it all, an onlooker turned to me and said, “do you know these heroes?” I was focused on the ill man and I don’t think I gave him more than a nod, but my heart is so full with the luck of knowing these heroes and knowing that today’s action is just how they conduct themselves daily. What in incredible privilege to know these heroes!”