Yesterday, the youth organizers from YO S.O.S held a flashmob and speak out against violence. They gathered in Bed-Stuy and staged a fake fight which they then interrupted with a dance, followed by a rap and then closing remarks. Youth held anti-violence signs and banners documented the event on social and by filming, and passed out S.O.S. swag to passerby. They were joined by staff from S.O.S. Bed-Stuy and S.O.S. Crown Heights, and were also interviewed and featured on News 12 Brooklyn last night!

Thank you to Shanon Shaw for taking great photos and to the other staff who helped organize, video, and otherwise support this event. Check us out on Instagram @youthorganizing and @sosbrooklyn to see a clip of the flashmob and also the News 12 coverage.

Below is the text of the rap that one of the 15 year-old participants wrote and performed at the event.

Ima young one/but Ima share my voice/ with a gun to my head I really don’t gotta choice/ya’ll gonna hear/ya gonna listen/ yall in the water against violence so I finna go fishin’

Whenever I walk, my moms fear for my life/ I don’t need for that to happen for her to cry through the night/I don’t want my friend to feel she gotta walk with a knife/I don’t want my bro to feel he gotta walk with a pipe/

Im tryna run straight to the money but the gats is in my way/Tired of people thinking all of this is ok/Tired of people saying they bend blocks all day/tired of people sending little kids to dey grave/

Now I smile on my face, but sometimes gotta lil rage/Instead of getting a gliz I go straight to the page/ or maybe Im on court tryna make a lot of plays/there are alternatives to violence there are lots of other ways/I kept it on my mind it was there for days/for weeks/for years/to stop all the red dots causin people tears/I decided being silent was going too slow so call me a car since Im switchin gears/Im gonna put my foot so hard on the gas/to make pointless killings a thing of the past