Last week, the Mediation Center’s Leadership Training Institute hosted a screening of “Food, Inc.” at our office. Throughout their training sessions this year, the group has developed a strong interest in food justice and food activism and are working hard to organize a healthy food fair on June 26th that will educate the community about the benefits of eating healthy, locally, and sustainably.

As a preliminary event the group hosted a screening of the documentary “Food, Inc., ” attended by LTI participants, community members, and Mediation Center staff.  After watching the film, which exposes some of the darker aspects of the U.S. industrial food system, the group discussed some of the ways to get involved in changing the food system and becoming more aware of the food we put into our bodies every day.  Some of the ideas for getting involved in the Brooklyn local food/food justice scene included joining the Brooklyn Food Coalition, joining a Crown Heights Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) group, joining a food co-op (Park Slope Food Co-op and Lefferts Farm Food Co-op are two options), and watching other films that document where our food comes from such as  “Fresh” and“King Corn.”

Keep an eye out for more information about LTI’s June 26th healthy food fair soon!