On February 13th, we hosted our 6th annual career night at Repair the World. It was a powerful event with a panel of fourteen professionals who brought great energy, interest and enthusiasm while sharing their career choices with youth from all over Brooklyn.

Specifically, our career panel included a doctor, registered nurse, activist, actor, architect, entrepreneur, construction worker, two social workers, professional athlete and community organizers. They started the night with sharing where they grew up and what they loved about their community. As such, many panelists spoke about the richness of culture; the resiliency of community and the respect and responsibility that neighbors continue to show one another.

After the panel discussion, we formed smaller groups where youth joined groups that matched their career interest and spoke with panelists they found intriguing, interesting, and engaging. Then, as the night continued, youth were encouraged to switch groups to explore other career fields and connect with professionals in those fields. It was interesting to see youth initiate dialogue, pose engaging questions, share their business cards and illustrate exceptional networking skills the entire evening. As one youth stated, “it’s all about the connections you make.”

Overall, our 6th annual Career Night was a success. Our panelists were thought provoking, powerful and full of wisdom and insight. Each year we host this event to show youth various career fields and emphasis the importance of never limiting their choices. Additionally, we are committed to exposing them to people who have made extraordinary choices to solidify their careers. Finally, each career night event serves as an opportunity for youth to further develop their skills and deepen their understanding of pursuing jobs and securing careers.