The Harlem Commmunity Justice Center, our Sister Project through the Center for Court Innovation,  has produced two reports related to gangs in Harlem. In 2010, the Harlem Community Justice Center convened the Juvenile Gang Task Force to
identify ways to reduce juvenile gang violence and involvement in East Harlem.

The needs assessment provides detailed accounts and perspectives from area youth, parents, faith
leaders, service providers and police. The strategic plan offers a blueprint to reduce juvenile
gang involvement and youth violence going forward based on the following key findings from
the needs assessment:

  • Youth gang-related violence appears to be on the rise in East Harlem.
  • Youth gangs in East Harlem tend not to be affiliated with nationally recognized groups, are
    primarily organized around geography and increasingly rely on social media to facilitate
  • East Harlem young people confront multiple significant risk factors that may leave them
    more vulnerable to gang involvement.
  • Law enforcement, civic groups and social service agencies confront obstacles to identifying,
    understanding and therefore preventing gang activity on an individual and community-wide basis

East Harlem Juvenile Gang Task Force: 2011 Needs Assessment and Strategic Plan
By Raye Barbieri, Christopher Watler, John Megaw, Susanna Osorno-Crandall and Bryn Herrschaft

For the Needs Assessment, click here
For the Strategic Plan, clikc here