On Thursday, January 29th, 2009, our very own Amy Ellenbogen, Project Director of the Crown Heights Community Mediation Center, spoke at the 20th Rabbi Marshall T. Meyer Interfaith Retreat on Social Justice Confronting Hate Crimes. This event was meant for religious leaders who can play an important role in reporting and addressing hate crimes. The retreat addressed a myriad of different issues surrounding hate crimes, including: identifying what is a hate crime & how to recognize it, how religious leaders can work with city agencies and other non-profits to report and address hate crime incidents as soon as they happen, how religious communities are both targeted for hate crimes, but also can also have individual perpetrators that abuse religion to justify attacking those who are different, and how religious leaders can offer a unique response by working together and fulfilling the faith-based, moral imperative to respond with both justice and compassion. Amy spoke on a panel with a detective from the NYPD Hate Crime Task Force, Matthew T. Lattimer from the US Department of Justice Community Relations Service, and Amardeep Singh from The Sikh Coalition.