After regaining a sense of safety and stability, Dr. Judith Herman teaches that the second step of healing from trauma is understanding and processing the harm that occurred. Our programming is designed to acknowledge the impacts of interpersonal violence, structural harm, and intergenerational and historical trauma. We also root our work in recognizing resilience and upholding the possibility of collective healing. Neighbors in Action staff are intentional in program design and implementation to ensure that all people, particularly those who are the most marginalized, feel welcome, safe, and valued.

  • Make It Happen, a program of the trauma-support services at Neighbors in Action, works with young men of color between the ages of 16 and 24 who have experienced violence. It aims to support participants in both developing new tools to overcome traumatic experiences in their lives, and in uncovering existing strength and resilience within themselves.

  • Safe Horizon client advocates are available by chat to offer information, advocacy, and support to people who have been impacted by violence, crime, and abuse. To chat with an advocate during business hours, visit their SafeChat page here