This past Sunday, community members gathered after services at the Lady of Charity RC Church to talk about the Imani Garden, located on Schenectady Ave. between Dean and Pacific Streets. Members of Green Phoenix Permaculture facilitated a meeting where church members and others interested came together to plan the coming year of activities in the garden, learn about health, and eat some deliciously nutritious food! Imhotep’s Health Food Restaurant and Ital Shak catered the meeting, and members of Green Phoenix Permaculture made smoothies. Marlene Saunders spoke to the group about proper nutrition, and we learned about the history of the garden and Permaculture, a system of designing agricultural systems that mimic the relationships found in natural ecology. The afternoon ended with some relaxing fun in the garden, including facepainting! If you live in the area, please, stop by. There are ten veggetable beds and a beautiful outdoor space to take advantage of. The garden will be open to the public every Sunday afternoon, 2:00pm-4:00pm. For more information about this wonderful community resource, contact Rupert Poole at or 646-346-3332. He works for the New York Restoration Project (the organization that owns the garden). You can also contact Greg Todd, member of Green Phoenix Permaculture at or 718-496-5139.