Michael David Willoughby, a former participant in the Mediation Center’s Youth Court programming at Paul Robeson High School passed away in a car accident on November 30th. His obituary is below.

In loving Memory

Michael David Willoughby

Sunrise: June 27, 1989
Sunset: November 30, 2008

Michael David Willoughby was born on June 27th, 1989 at Interfaith Hospital in Brooklyn. After his birth, Michael was placed in foster care for thirteen months before his grandmother was awarded custody of him.

At eighteen months, Michael began attending the Special Sprouts School, where his infectious personality began to form. He would run up and hug everyone he was introduced to and often had to be told to ask for a hug just before embracing someone.

At the age of four, Michael began attending St. Mark’s Day School in Brooklyn. While in the second grade, at the age of seven, Michael began taking Judo classes. At this time, it was just meant to be used as an outlet for him outside of school, but it blossomed into something that helped shape Michael’s life and instill morals into him that he would continuously live by. The biggest reason for this was because Michael was introduced to his mentor and the closest person to a father figure in his life, Duane Frankson. By him being sucha positive influence in Michael’s life, Michael was able to be a positive influence on everyone else’s life.

Michael graduated from St. Mark’s Day School in 2002 and began attending high school at the Paul Robeson School of Business. While attending high school, Michael was actively involved in a Crown Heights Mediation Program as well as the Upward Bound Program at Pace University. In 2006, Michael graduated from Paul Robeson School of Business and began pursuing his degree in Business Administration at St. Francis College in Brooklyn.

Michael leaves behind: “Grandma,” his two sisters, Norrell and Lorraine; his “twin,” Carla; his two closest friends, Pablo and Justyn; numerous aunts, uncles, cousins, extended relatives and all the Judo trophies. Michael also leaves behind all the people from his schools, palces of work and his church who were so positively affected by him.

He will be dearly missed, but honestly, who could forget him?