Written by Deidra Dunkley, Youth Intern

I sat down with Manysa-Ashira Remy-Walcott for a brief interview to learn a little more about her as an individual and a worker. Manysa attends STAR Early College and is in the 11th grade. Her favorite entity about her school is the college component and what it has to offer. She was placed with the Mediation Center through the Futures and Options internship program and after her interview she just couldn’t wait to officially start working with us. Manysa’s main attraction to the Mediation Center was the work we do and how it affects our community. Her ideal work environment would be a workplace that is lively, comfortable, and in which she is constantly surrounded by people who enjoy doing their job which makes her feel the same.

Manysa looks up to a lot of people but the ones who impact her life the most are her parents because they constantly encourage her to reach for the stars and never give up on what she wants to do. Another person she looks up to is her grandmother who always reminds her that, “Your friends will take you but they’ll never bring you back.” Within the next 5-10 years, Manysa sees herself graduating law school or becoming a medical examiner.

One of Manysa’s main interests is learning how people live while on drugs, the certain steps they take to recovery, and how it makes them feel. Her favorite genre of music is R&B and Hip-Hop, which brings us to her Alter-Ego which is rapper and hip-hop artist, Meek Mill. Manysa looks up to Meek Mill because of his music and lyrics. From his songs she learns about the way he lived and how he turned his life around. Her favorite thing to eat is Thai food. On her free time she enjoys going shopping and having fun with her friends.

It was a pleasure for me to interview Manysa-Ashira and to learn more about her and what she enjoys doing. I am excited to see all the amazing work she will be doing