Hi Mediation Center Supporters,

It is with mixed emotions that I share with you that Juan Ramos, the Mediation Center’s Deputy Director is leaving at the end of September.

During his time at the Mediation Center, Juan, helped us all understand how to be community organizers and activists and how to think about problems and solutions across different intersecting issues. He taught us about the ways that violence overlaps and  how to design community led approaches that work to undo this web. He’s been a coach, thought partner, problem solver, and visionary.  Although we will miss his daily presence, he will continue advocating for the community and will continue to consult and support us even as he takes on his new role as the Executive Director of Southside United.

In celebrating Juan’s contributions to the Mediation Center over the years, we want to invite folks to write their well wishes and favorite memories/stories of Juan. Whether you are a current or former staff member, volunteer, community member, or friend, let’s send Juan some positive thoughts and messages as he embarks on his next chapter of serving the Brooklyn community. Leave your thoughts in the comments section of this post!


Amy Ellenbogen
Director, Crown Heights Community Mediation Center