On March 7, 2016 Kenton Kirby, Director of Trauma Support Services at the Mediation Center, was interviewed on BK Live about how the Make It Happen program works to support high-risk youth. When asked about how he measures success among participants in the program he said:

“We look at healing as a process. There’s going to be ups and downs. And a lot of times a lot of programs our clients are mandated to, they really don’t hear their voices. So for us success is our young men having a voice, feeling that they are validated in their experiences. And for us, also getting larger entities to start looking at our young men from a different lens. So one of the things we’re actually putting together is this conference called Paving the Way to Healing and Recovery. And this is a conference convened for young men and practitioners interested in changing the narrative around young men of color who have been impacted by violence and crime.”

Check out the rest of this interview in the video below: