On Friday, June 9th, Launch Expeditionary Learning Charter School teachers and 7th grade students planned a “walk-out” as the culminating event for their six-week study of the 2nd Amendment and the effects of gun violence on families and communities. At 10am sharp, students, wearing orange for national gun violence awareness, walked out of their classrooms and lead a protest march from the school to Restoration Plaza. Students were accompanied by violence interrupters from Save Our Streets Crown Heights (S.O.S.) as well as two mothers that have lost children to gun violence. Once at Restoration, students and adults spoke about the effects of gun violence and shared their learning.

Launch Expeditionary Learning charter School believes in engaging students in active learning experiences that will help to build a love and desire to learn while also rigorously building students’ skills.  For the final two months of each school year, students engage in interdisciplinary “Learning Expeditions” where all of the content areas work together on the same big topic. This year’s 7th grade studied gun violence, and traveled to Philadelphia last week during National Gun Violence Awareness Day and visited the Constitution Center.  By connecting their learning in the classroom with real-world, authentic events, students understand that they can use their learning to create change. The walk-out was a powerful success, raising anti-gun violence awareness within the student body and neighborhood, as well as demonstrating student power and ability to enact positive change in the community.


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