On January 14th the Crown Heights Community Mediation Center launched a new Leadership Training Institute for community members who are dedicated to working together to improve Crown Heights. Thirty people completed the application and interview process and came to our office for the orientation session. The group is phenomenal. There are teachers, city workers, federal government workers, social workers, MBA’s, foster parents, grandparents, union leaders, entrepreneurs, a rabbi and a preacher, and people of all different ages who joined our program because they are all passionate about “giving back” to the community and have hope that they can make Crown Heights a better place. They will meet ten times during the next six months and will learn from experts about networking, community organizing, grant writing, coalition building, event planning and working with the media. In addition to these educational sessions, the members of the Institute will begin to work on a project of their choice together. Get ready for the exciting energy, skills, and dedication this group has to bring to Crown Heights!