On March 4, 2015, Atlanta-based publication, Juvenile Justice Information Exchange published an article profiling Men’s Empowerment Coordinator Kenton Kirby and the Make It Happen program and highlighting the achievements of the group’s participants. The article specifically features John Sadler, a Make It Happen alum and Mediation Center volunteer.

Sadler turned up the music in his headphones, and ducked his head under his hood — half hidden from his classmates’ stares and catcalls and half defending himself from an attack from behind.

His life could have continued like this but he met Kenton Kirby.

Kirby, 34, runs Make It Happen, a program funded by the Office for Victims of Crime within the Crown Heights Mediation Center. He talks to young men ages 16 to 24 who display symptoms of trauma from growing up around community and gun violence.

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