20150116_125817-SMILEFriday, January 15th the a group of eighth graders from Lower Manhattan Community Middle School spent the afternoon at Crown Heights Community Mediation Center to learn about our work, discuss the importance of art in activism, and do some of their own art to express anti-violence messages. Mediation Center staff Heather Day, Marlies Talay, Kevin Hershey, and David Gaskin facilitated a workshop for the students, allowing them to observe and discuss art from previous Arts to End Violence Gallery Exhibitions and then create their own unique pieces.

The students showed great insight in their analysis of the art, bringing up topics as diverse as bullying, Trayvon Martin, police accountability, and the Civil Rights Movement. They created beautiful drawings, each with unique messages and imagery expressing the need for peace in our neighborhoods and our world. We are happy to have hosted students from Lower Manhattan Community Middle School and hope to see their work in this May’s gallery show!

20150116_122747 20150116_122542