On May 26th, the Save Our Streets Outreach team held their second annual Memorial Day cookout, which many Crown Heights community residents attended. The event was held in St. Johns park, which is located inside of the S.O.S catchment area. Close to 200 people attended the cookout. The forecast predicted rain for the day. However, the weather was able to hold up until the event was over.

Those in attendance was able to enjoy hamburgers, hot dogs and grilled chicken sandwiches with a choice of a beverage: water or juice. Residents also enjoyed interacting with each other. S.O.S Crown Heights was able to engage close to the entire park: feeding those who attended the event as well as those who were just enjoying themselves in the park.

The purpose of the Memorial Day cookout was to host an event where we could inform the people about the beginning of Gun Violence Awareness season, where community could attend a free and fun event, and the community could enjoy the event without the fear of violence breaking out.