On September 10th, from 3 pm to 5 pm, Project Care will join City Arts in a mural painting event at the St. John’s Recreation Center at 1251 Prospect Place (between Troy Avenue and Schenectady).

The mural painting project is a community wide event, open to members of all ages from Crown Heights and the New York City area. Project Care is a coalition of diverse community partners. Members represent all facets of Crown Heights, including those of African-American, Caribbean-American, and Lubavitch Hasidic Jewish backgrounds.

This event gives different segments the community of Crown Heights a chance to collaborate on a creative project in order to better and beautify the shared environment. During the event, diverse members of the neighborhood will work side by side to paint a mural designed by world-renowned artist Duda Penteado in collaboration with the youth at the St. John’s Recreation Center. The image in the mural represents the goal of raising awareness of climate change and ultimately celebrates nature. The shared issue of environmentalism unites the community, despite tensions and differences, and shows that people can come together over a shared planet.

During the event, there will also be time to for participants to reflect together about September 11th, as the project will take place a day prior the anniversary of the tragedy. It is fitting that the community will assemble at a time when the nation takes time to recognize that all humans are vulnerable, and remember those who lost their lives.