On Thursday January 17th, Save Our Streets Brooklyn hosted a Music, Paint and Sip community event “Peace Week” edition. The goal was to create a fun and safe event where community members could engage with each other as a way of acknowledging “Peace Week” and as a way of taking the Peace Week pledge.

On an annual basis, Peace Week NYC creates a citywide culture of peace for seven days, from January 15 – 22nd, in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s legacy of non-violence by hosting an event, performing an activity or simply taking one personal action toward creating inner peace and setting a positive example for young people.

Peace Week asks that everyone take the pledge for peace by vowing to show gratitude to others on a daily basis; to stop, think and breathe before doing things; to take personal responsibility/awareness of one’s actions and how they impact others; and to give back to others and one’s community. By committing to take these actions for one week consecutively, the hope is to continue these practices for a lifetime!

23 Community members engaged in the S.O.S, Music, Paint and Sip event creating an intergenerational vibe. The event was led by artist, Anthony Posada and Ieshah Mapp. Ieshah Mapp is the founder of Music, Paint and Sip. The soundtrack for the evening was provided by a live D.j. D.j Young Blu and the beverages included were water, Ice tea, Lemonade and soda. All attendees were able to create and take home their own masterpiece, which was created around a New York City backdrop and a stencil art piece for Peace.

Save Our Streets would like to thank Music, Paint and Sip founder Ieshah Mapp and staff and everyone who came out and participated in the event.