Last year, our Leadership Training Institute cohort created a fantastic resource guide for eating healthy and local in Crown Heights that includes information on community gardens, educational programming, farmers markets, food justice organizations, and community supported agriculture. We just now re-printed a new batch of these excellent brochures and are excited to share them with the community. Please come by the office and grab a stack to share, or download the brochure and print it out yourself by clicking HERE.

Below is the introduction to the resource guide: 
          You are what you eat. We have all heard this phrase many times. But it’s not always so easy to know what the healthiest food choice is or where to find nutritious options that are reasonably priced.
Indeed, Central Brooklyn, of which Crown Heights is a part, has been identified by many studies in recent years as an under-served neighborhood in terms of access to healthy food, including fresh produce that is both affordable and easily available. Diabetes, obesity and other chronic illnesses related to the lack of a healthy, balanced diet have become an epidemic in our neighborhood.
Luckily, we do have an increasing number of organizations and businesses in Crown Heights, as well as additional resources throughout NYC, working to improve quality of life by providing nutritional/agricultural education, green space, community and urban gardening options, local, sustainable and organic food choices and exercise and wellness centers. This guide is not meant to be exhaustive; rather we hope that it will start a conversation about what is already available in our neighborhood, what should be made available and how we can all become involved in creating a healthier food environment for ourselves and our neighbors. Eat healthy/eat local and enjoy!