Neighbors in Action (NIA) is delighted to share that we received two $50,000 awards from New York State from the Vital Brooklyn initiative to support youth programming in Bed-Stuy and Crown Heights! Vital Brooklyn is a New York State initiative that invests in community development and wellbeing in Central Brooklyn across eight sectors, including Education, Economic Empowerment, and Community-Based Violence Prevention.

NIA looks forward to using Vital Brooklyn funding to support our ongoing work to educate and empower young people. In 2018, NIA Youth Programs reached over 1,150 youth in Brooklyn schools and more than 184 young people enrolled in NIA youth organizing, job training, and internship programs. In the words of one YO S.O.S. alum, “Youth organizers are powerful for many reasons. We are powerful because we are youth and our voices will be heard. We are also powerful because we can influence our peers and show them the right thing to do. Lastly, we are powerful because the younger kids look up to us. If we are doing the right thing, then they will follow in our footsteps and do the right thing to.”

Funding from Vital Brooklyn will enable Youth Programs to sustain its efforts following the end of major funding that sunsetted.

Neighbors in Action is grateful for this investment from Vital Brooklyn and would like to thank Assembly Member Diana Richardson and Assembly Member Tremaine Wright for their ongoing advocacy and support for our youth programming!