On Thursday, November 8th, 30+ youth from YO S.O.S. and the Anti Gun Violence Youth Employment Program visited Brooklyn College for an interactive tour. The program was organized by Naomie Azor, YO S.O.S. Peer Leader, and Cassie Valarezo, Social Work Intern. Additional chaperones included Edward McWilliams,Youth Program Coordinator, Rahson Johnson, Youth Program Specialist, and Anthony Collins, Education and Career Specialist at Neighbors in Action.

The group met on campus and from there began with a quick campus view before starting the official tour in the library. The group took a scenic route to the library in the middle of the main campus site, and met with Professor Matthew Harrick as he led the intensive all-access library tour, answering questions along the way. On the tour, the group was introduced to the general setup of the library and also to the fascinating amount of collection archives that the Brooklyn College library has. Professor Harrick showed the group the federal archives, as well as where all the government files are kept such as census records and legislative documents. The group enjoyed learning how to maneuver of those shelves, turning the wheel to move the shelves.

From the library, the group visited the two cafes on campus, the main cafe in Boylan Hall and the library cafe, and the campus pond. The group got an inside view of classrooms, laboratories, and lecture halls on campus in the Ingersoll and Boylan Halls.

To end the tour, the group crossed campus over to the West Quad and visited the recreational sites of the college. Fascinated by the basketball courts, tennis courts, football field, swimming pool, and workout rooms of the West Quad Building, the youth almost didn’t want to leave!

To end the visit, the group met with Mary Chiusano, Brooklyn College Professor and Academic Program Manager/College Advisor for STAR Early College High School at Brooklyn College, for an end-of-tour workshop. There, the youth asked questions and learned about the application process, the transition from high school into college and how to effectively apply to college or prepare to apply in the upcoming years. Ms. Chiusano also supplied the youth with resources and websites that could make their college application process the least troubling and stressful that it could possibly be.

After the workshop, the group headed to the Brooklyn College-Flatbush Avenue station to ride the train together, successfully ending the tour filled with knowledge, adventure and learning.